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Cities offer intriguing opportunities for exploring new ideas and cultures, and making these discoveries by bicycle is the best way.

It is incredibly thrilling to ride a bike to explore a new unfamiliar city, with its streets full of life. The steel and glass buildings glimmer with magic, the street life appears to be more vibrant and alive, and the sounds and smells of the city are so powerful that your senses are on the verge of being overwhelmed. When you are on a bike, you tend to feel totally immersed and alive in the moment. So instead of just looking through the window passively, you interact with and experience a place in a direct way.

Cities offer intriguing opportunities for exploring new ideas and cultures, and making these discoveries by bicycle is the best way.

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Travelling For Food

Whenever you are travelling on your bike, you need to stop and eat. So it's nice when you are travelling to a city since there are endless choices available to you.

For Australian naturopath Jacqui Watts, getting around a city on a bike means you get the best of both worlds! “When you go through a city on a bike and eat your way around town, you can burn the food off straight away when you’re cycling around. So you can enjoy the local cuisine and get a bit of a workout in, you can’t really complain honestly.”

Of course, exploring food culture doesn't always mean eating. While you are cycling around a city, you can always stop for a wine tasting or a cooking lesson.

Art on Wheels

Cycling around a city is actually an excellent way to enjoy its art. So whether it is a sculpture on a street, a neighbourhood, or a museum, there are excellent opportunities for feeding your creative side. When arriving by bike, you can get there faster and not have to look for parking. It is also easy to bike from one area to the next. Whenever you spot something interesting, all you need to do is dismount from your bike to get a closer look. When you visit a city by bike you don't have to gorge on food or spend a lot of money. An excellent adventure often can be had by just taking the city's bike paths. Quite often cities build bike paths in order to demonstrate civic pride and show off the best parts of the city.

Bike Shop Bingo

If you are visiting a city from out of town bike shops are an excellent destination since they often know where the best bike routes are and know about the best places that can be explored on your bike.

Ilona Nichtelein, an Australian-based hypnotherapy expert, chatting to the people who know the city best is the only way to explore. “It’s the same with anything in life really. You ask those who know something best for advice or for the best spots in town, and at a bike shop they’ll know the fastest and also some sneaky routes to get around quickly.”

Numerous cities provide cycling maps now that highlight the town's cyclist-friendly roads. Local bike shops will frequently have copies of these maps available.

Is It Safe?

Safety is a major concern when it comes to biking around a new city. Unfamiliar traffic in a brand new area can be very intimidating. Every city has two different types of traffic rules: the official ones and unspoken rules. It is beneficial to know about both sets. If there is a bike advocacy group in the city, they normally will have information on their city's bike riding laws. There are strict laws in many cities against riding a bike on a sidewalk. In certain cities, there are bus lanes that bikes share. In some cities, you are expected to ride your bike on the right side of a one-way street, while in others it is on the left.

New Urban Frontiers

When you’re travelling, whether it is on vacation or on business, there are numerous options for experiencing the final destination on your bicycle.

Environmental product expert Jayesh Dayal often rides on a bicycle for joy rides, and believes it’s the best way to get around. “You can go into so many places that cars cannot, and you can get a smell for a city when riding around. It sounds a little silly, but when you’re in a car you just can’t get the same atmosphere of a city that you can when you’re on a bicycle.”

You can look for a town's best hamburger on your bike or ride around to experience some local sights and culture. It is a unique way to experience a city that will provide you with a deep sensory impression of your surroundings.

Living in a society that’s becoming more and more environmentally conscious, the best way to see a city for the first time is via an eco-friendly bike. Who better to do it with than Paul’s E Bike Tours?

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