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It has also worked for me. the live-boot on the ubuntu usb stick is working now, after the usb stick was moved from the case to the laptop, and then changed back to the case. So the case must have something that is interfering with the usb stick. ok, let's have a little talk. what a good idea :) but that's for later. I need to download and install wicd, if it is necessary. how do I turn on the laptop screen from commandline? Neo_: xset dpms force on to turn it on. k tnx Neo_: xset -dpms NiC: The problem is the move. When you move a computer it can disrupt the USB connection thx, Ben64 worked for me islandmonkey: i mean, when i move the usb stick from the case to my laptop, and then put it back in the case... before booting, the laptop automatically boots from the usb stick. I moved the usb stick out of the case, so the laptop thinks the usb stick is in the case. is this the case for you too? NiC: It can also interfere with the screen connection or the wi-fi signal islandmonkey: it is not an issue with the wi-fi, because when i boot the laptop, it has no internet. It is a uefi issue. you shouldn't need to move it you should just plug it in at boot that i have been using since i first bought the laptop. but at some point it started having a problem, i have no idea when. you said it booted from usb before weird yes. but when it boots, there is no internet, so i have to configure my wifi manually. sounds like uefi is doing something weird i don't know if it is weird, but it is annoying. i have the "modprobe efi




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HideALLIP 2015 07 01 150701 Portable Crack [CrackingPatching]

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